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The Wakerobins hail from Santa Cruz, California. We play traditional Old Time and Bluegrass songs and tunes, as well as original and contemporary Americana-style music.

S.T. Young has been in love with the guitar and writing songs for almost 20 years. He plays the guitar, banjo and the mouth harp. S.T. is also a budding fiddler and mandolin player. s.t

Becky Hendricks plays the fiddle, ‘fiddles’ around on the banjo with claw-hammer style, and plays rhythm guitar.

The duo was born when S.T. invited Becky to join a four piece bluegrass and old-time band he helped found, also from Santa Cruz. The band, called Moonshine Jubilee, became a five piece, and soon S.T. and Becky sprouted The Wakerobins as a side project, to indulge in jamming on and perfecting songs they loved to play, but that were meant for a duo instead of a larger band.

You can buy our music on Bandcamp, stream our music on Reverbnation or, if you are inclined to social networking, please visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook Page.

You can watch us here on Youtube.

We play shows frequently in the local Santa Cruz Area and the greater Bay Area, often at Farmer’s Markets and smaller venues. Check out our ‘Upcoming Shows‘ page, and ‘Like Us’ on Facebook to hear about when we’ll be performing next!

Lastly, The name ‘The Wakerobins’ was chosen because of two things: Firstly, Becky (who is a botanist) has an obsession with plants, especially of the native California variety (A Wakerobin is a redwood forest plant. Its scientific name is Trifolium sp.). Secondly, Dirk Powell’s lovely, though short, rendition of the fiddle tune ‘Wake Robin’ has a beautiful old-time sound we love. The name was pretty good too.

Thanks for visiting!

One thought on “About Us

  1. Lauren says:

    You guys were awesome today at the Poppy Farm Fair! I wish you the best, and hope to hear you again! Totally loved it! :) (Lauren Walters Pottery)

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